or inc has their stocks short-form names as AMZN stock because it is just a short name of their company and people can easily recognize this stock anywhere in the market.

Amazon inc attracts die-hard also known as huge investors to invest in their company as that money will be very helpful to Amazon as they can use it to buy, research on anything they have planned after getting the money.

Amazon has an aggressive E-commerce business model where they can attract more customers and were successful in doing so and had made huge profits while doing these policies and want to continue using this trick to earn more profit.

The Amazon stock has seen this much rise in its share in its existence from 20 years as the CEO Jeff Bezos has founded those type of investors who have the same vision and want to help those companies that have the same vision and make more profit out of it.

Step to short Amazon

Those people who invest blindly in Amazon have to know that Amazon can take your shares and convert them into profit which can help them to profit in their organization and help them to research on more products and expand their company.

If investors lose faith that Amazon (Bezos) can repay them the amount of their share after some time and investor predict that there is going to be a huge loss and they want to save their money from getting used by Amazon to repay the loses and also the price of their share will go down.

The simplest way by which you can profit is by shorting the stock with a broker where you sell the stock on the market by listing it on your own and also you can select the price which you feel is suitable as it was your stock which you are shorting.

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What are the risks involved in shorting

There are many risks while you are shorting the stock of any company not only Amazon as there is a fee called as shorting fees which you have to pay until you get a buyer for your share in the market.

If there is a high demand of shorting, then your share will be sold early but if there is no such early demand than you will have to pay this price almost daily as these shares are kept safe with the broker.

There is also called a short squeeze where a person is only interested in buying some amount of share not many. If you want to buy the stock of Amazon, you can check its income statement at