Path of exile is an online fantasy game set in the dark, hidden world of Wraeclast, a cursed continent ruled by a powerful king. It is a free action – role video game designed by grinding gear games. The persistent online game gives the players the role of an exile far away from their homeland.

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The game focuses adversely on action combats, character customization and valuable ready to buy items. Designed around a strong outline economy, the game favors action skills and business minds. The players struggle to survive on the continent fighting to acquire power and taking revenge from those who wronged them in any manner. They find ways to buy path of exile currency to uplift their skills and weapons.

Path of exile currency

The currency of path of exile involves variety of orbs and different scrolls. Each item has its own role in the game as some help in enhancing the equipments of the characters while some help in restructuring the character’s passive skill tree. The currency is categorized into

  • Functional currency: these can be found as drops from chests and monsters and can be consumed directly. Some of them are albino rhoa feather, armorer’s scrap, bestiary orb, blessing of esh, blessing of tul, exalted orb, orb of regret and many more.
  • Shards and fragments: they can be obtained by selling items to vendors. Some of the included items are splinter of esh, splinter of tul, splinter of xoph, scroll fragment, alteration shard, alchemy shard, transmutation shard and many more.
  • Essence: it upgrades a simple item into a rare item. This includes essence of hysteria, essence of insanity, essence of horror, essence of delirium and remnant of corruption.
  • League specific currency: they can only be dropped down during leagues. These are vials, bestiary currency, harbinger currency, perandus coins and fossils.

How to buy the currency?

The game has a trading system that enables you to improve your character’s equipments and buy unique functions. The players can buy path of exile currency easily on gaming4ez, an item shop where they can buy as any currencies as they wish for and that too with instant delivery and unique services.

Another site for buying the currency is PoE goods where in order to buy items, the players can search for the needed item, click on whisper to get the message copied to clipboard and then paste it in the game chat. This is the simplest path to trade and buy path of exile currency in the game.