Satellite phones

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone in their possession. It has become a part of our day-to-day life. It is hard to imagine living a life without a cellphone. In addition to that, it has evolved so far that it has become sort of a computer that we can carry around.

However, there is still some gap that mobile phones Have not been able to fill. Well, it’s true. Imagine being stranded in a vast desert or a lone island in the middle of an ocean. You have a cellphone with you but sadly it won’t pick any signal because of the absence of a terrestrial network.

What shall you do in such a situation? Here’s your solution, a satellite phone. It directly uses Satellite to establish the communication link unlike that of a cell phone. Which normally uses the terrestrial network to connect with another cellphone. Hence, satellite phones can be used anywhere anytime.

Satellite Phones Vs Cell Phone

As mentioned earlier cell phones transmit through the terrestrial network, that is land-based towers. On the other hand, satellite phones don’t use land-based towers or terrestrial networks. It uses the network from a satellite that is orbiting around the earth. Allowing vast coverage from anywhere in the world.

Normal cellphones have the upper hand when it comes to using the internet, texting, and all. However, satellite phones are solely built for telecommunication purposes. However, few recent models allow the user to send text messages and access the internet through certain hotspots.

When it comes to cost, satellite phones are relatively costlier than cell phones. That’s why most people opt for rental satellite phones when going to an isolated area. However, the prices of Satellite phones vary across different countries. For example, the satellite phone singapore price is relatively cheaper than in other countries.